Tiny Fingers, Big Miracles

Published : 05/03/2024

Last updated: 13/06/2024

To ensure that the baby and to be mamma stay healthy during pregnancy, a 7-day meal plan is an absolute essential, and I know that we still get hungry sometimes, so adding energy boosting snacks between meals are also a great way to ensure that baby and mamma has proper supply of nutrition.

Mixing right amount of superfoods and lean meats with your meal plan can offer extra benefits. Additionally a mamma must be cautious about pregnancy hygiene to avoid any type of bacterial infectionTiny Fingers, Big Miracles

I know pregnancy can make us really anxious, and slowly as our uterus grows we tend to feel curious on the details and progress.. so here is a week-by-week and month-by-month update for both baby and mamma(pregnancy can also get boring so here is a gender prediction guide just for fun), to bring some comfort as you anticipate eagerly for the warm moment when the little fills your arms and gazes into your eyes.

Ensuring a proper follow up with doctors are always recommended, find more about prenatal checkups and postnatal checkups.

The most incredible and human moment that redefines our entire lives is when the newborn somehow manages to hold our hands with their tiny fingers, as if time stands still and a new kind of love fills a mother’s soul, a love so pure and unconditional that we feel breathless in its wake!

Find out more about
welcoming the newborn home.

Mamma and Baby Mammas Journey

From the lullabies to the first steps, this blessed journey unfolds a plethora of emotions and experiences filled with bliss and wonder. The beauty of motherhood is sometimes the tiny victories, shared giggles, and the late-night cuddles; these deepen the bonds with our child like pictures being etched into the fabric of their hearts. Here are some simple tips you can start practicing to raise confident kids.


Let me help you on this magical journey with the best of suggestions that I have collected and experienced during my own pregnancy and parenting voyage. So that you don’t have to start from scratch, rather cherish and embrace every moment of it with comfort and confidence!

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