Lean Meat Guide During Pregnancy

Published : 14/03/2024

Last updated: 14/07/2024

A Mothers Guide for Lean Meat_1

Lean meat is a valuable addition for a new mother’s healthy diet. Lean meats are skinless chicken, turkey and red meat with fat trimmed off or relatively low fat content.

Importance of Lean Meat During Pregnancy

Protein: Required for tissue growth and repair for both mother and baby

Iron: Lean Meat offers heme iron, which is readily absorbed by the body when consumed.

Choline: Crucial for fetal brain development.

Vitamin B12: Vital for formation of red blood cell and smooth functioning of nervous system.

Zinc: Needed for healthy immune system and healing of wounds.

Lean Beef Cuts

A Mothers Guide for Lean Meat_Lean Beef Cuts

Flank Steak
Round Roast

Skinless Chicken and Turkey

A Mothers Guide for Lean Meat_Turkey

Lower fat content then dark meat varieties.

Doctors Recommendation

A study observed that pregnant mothers with sufficient amount of iron intake from lean meat, had a lower tendency to deliver new born with low birth weight [1].

Another study found that pregnant mothers with higher intake of choline had babies who scored better on cognitive tests at a young age [2].


  • Rich with essential nutrients such as protein and iron.
  • Heme Iron, from lean meat, is more readily absorbed in the body in comparison to non-heme iron (iron that come from plant sources).

Serving Size

Approximately 6 ounces, cooked weight, of lean meat everyday [3].

Lean meat is a good source for some of the essential nutrients. Do consult with your doctor for a personal diet plan to ensure you are getting the right amount. Try including other protein sources such as fish, beans, eggs. Additionally choose healthy cooking methods, for example- grilling, baking or broiling of lean meat to ensure minimal fat intake.

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