Published : 06/06/2024

Last updated: 06/06/2024

Your Postpartum Checkup

What is postpartum checkup?

A postpartum checkup is a post-birth appointment with your doctor or midwife to check how you’re doing physically, mentally and emotionally after having a baby. [1]

Your practitioner will examine you and ask about your adjustment to life with a new baby. The number of visits you have depends on your specific situation.

Importance of postpartum checkups

This postnatal checkup monitors the health of you and your baby. Various topics are discussed to keep you and your baby healthy.


A postnatal checkup usually includes:


Routine check-up:  Your blood pressure, diabetes, weight measurement and other necessary tests will be done; especially if you had such problems during pregnancy.


Fertility method: If you do not want to have another child soon, you will be given advice about suitable and convenient methods of birth control.


Complications during pregnancy and delivery: Any complications you had during pregnancy or delivery will be checked to see if they are affecting your health after delivery. If the effects of any complications remain, appropriate treatment will be given.


Postpartum depression: You will be monitored for postpartum depression, and a referral to a psychiatrist will be recommended if necessary.


Immunizations: You and your child will be informed about the required immunizations.


Breast milk: It will be assessed whether you are able to breastfeed the baby properly and if the baby is getting enough breast milk, and advice will be given.

Apart from this, if you have any questions regarding the health and well-being of you and your baby, you can ask the doctor at this time.

How many checkups are required?

According to the World Health Organization, at least four postnatal checkups are required after delivery. [2]

The times when these four checkups should be done are—


1st check-up : In the case of a hospital delivery, the first checkup must be conducted at the hospital within the first 24 hours after delivery. In the case of a home delivery, the first checkup must be conducted at the hospital within the first 24 hours after delivery.

2nd checkup: 48-72 hours after delivery; such as on 2nd or 3rd day of delivery

3rd checkup: Between 7th-14th day postpartum

4th checkup: 6th week after delivery; i.e. after one and a half months

A Gentle Nudge from Mammas Journey

Your postpartum checkup is like a gentle breeze, guiding you toward the care and support you need after delivery, ensuring your recovery seamlessly.

Keep in mind that, nurturing your own well-being is the foundation for nurturing your little one. Embrace the importance of scheduling and attending your postpartum appointments—they’re like stepping stones on your path to wellness. And as you leave each visit, feel the calm reassurance that comes with knowing you’re on the right track to healing

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