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7 Day Meal Plan
During Pregnancy

All about Twins & Multiple Pregnancies

Things that a Partner
Should Understand


Prenatal Checkups

Pregnancy Updates
Month by Month

Weight Management
during Pregnancy

Concerns Due to
Increased Amniotic Fluid

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Uterus Growth
During Pregnancy

Tiny Fingers, Big Miracles

Heartbeat and whispers – the essence that creates a mothers magical bond with the tiny human growing within…


And when this tiny human somehow manages to hold our hands, our entire lives are redefined, a new kind of love fills our spirit, a love so pure that we feel breathless, so enchanting that we find tears of joy, and so phenomenal that we get goosebumps just by holding their tiny fingers.


Yes, amidst all of it, there will be stressful moments, doubts and uncertainty. At times we will question our abilities and wonder if we are enough. And let me assure you from experience, ‘WE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH’ for we are nurturers, warriors, Queens, and the embodiment of love itself!


So, believe in the miracles a mother can do, for there is no limit to her strength and her unconditional love -that is our superpower and our greatest gift!!

Fetus & Pregnancy Updates - Weekly

- First Trimester -
Weekly By Week

- Second Trimester -
Week by Week

- Third Trimester -
Week by Week

Foods and Habits

Strong Cravings
During Pregnancy

Food Aversion
During Pregnancy

The Urge to Eat Nonfood Items -PICA​​

Energy-Boosting Foods During Pregnancy​

"Marijuana and CBD oil"
Safe for new mothers?

Foods and Habits
to Avoid

Postpartum and Parenting

Welcoming Home
The Little One

Baby Milestones
"First 1.5 years"

Your Postpartum

Diaper Rash Remedies and Preventive Treatments

Common Cold and
What to do about it

Helping Your Baby Poop
"Home Remedies"

Reducing Your Belly
After Delivery

Parenting Tips
"Raising Confident Kids"

Parenting Tips
"Connect with Your Child"

Getting Pregnant

All About
Pregnancy Tests

Signs of being

Things to Know
Before Pregnancy

Understanding the
IVF process

Getting Pregnant
with PCOS

About me

Hey there,


Maybe you came here searching for answers and perhaps you are overwhelmed or exhausted by all the information out there. Just FYI, we’ve all been there..


It’s the same feeling that made me decide to create a guideline, drawing from everything I learned along my own journey.


I hope all new mothers visiting here, find what they are looking for, experience a bit of comfort and feel a sense of relief.


A Warm Welcome to Mammas Journey!

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