Top 5 Healthy Snacks in Pregnancy

Published : 06/03/2024

Last updated: 11/07/2024

Pregnancy can be exhausting, since all the food that we consume is shared and used for growth and development of the tiny human that is growing inside. It is especially important during this time, that us mothers eat food that is beneficial for both the baby and ourselves. 


Here we talk about some convenient energy boosting foods, for both pregnant and breast feeding mothers. These are great sources of nutrition to make a new mother feel energetic and be at their best, while making sure that the baby is getting all that is needed.


Additionally these foods can be extremely beneficial for vegetarian mothers to ensure that all required nutrition gap is met.

Sweet Potatoes

A colored root vegetable that is one of the best foods beneficial for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Vegan Mothers Sweet Potatoes


Importance of Sweet Potatoes:


Why Doctors Recommend it:

A study observed that pregnant mothers with higher intakes of beta-carotene had a lower risk of birth defects in newborns. 


  • Nutrient Powerhouse of vitamin A and folate.

Serving Size:

180 grams of sweet potatoes per day.



Beans are an essential part if diet, offering a number of benefits for new mothers. Keep reading to find out why!

Vegan Mothers Beans, Lentils, Sweet Peas




Doctors Recommendation

A study found that an increase in the consumption of beans during pregnancy improves diet quality.

  • Great sources of Iron and fiber.
  • One of the best plant-based protein source.

Serving Size:

About 1.5 cups of cooked beans per week is recommended.


You can definitely try all beans, here is a list we created just for your convenience, all measurements are in a single cooked cup of beans 


  • Black Beans:
    • Proteins (15 g)
    • Folate (40 mcg).
  • Kidney Beans:
    • Iron (4 mg)
    • Fiber (15 g).
  • Lentils:
    • Iron (3.3 mg)
    • Folate (456 mcg).


A convenient superfood, containing a good amount of essential nutrients.

Vegan Mothers Almonds



Doctors Recommendation:

  • Vitamin E, fiber and protein.
  • Natural Protein

Serving Size:

One ounce (approximately 23 almonds) servings per day.



  • Raw Almonds: Contains most nutrients.
  • Roasted Almonds: Easier to digest but heating reduces vitamin E.
  • Salted Almonds: Added sodium can increase blood pressure during pregnancy, hence limit consumption.


The creamy delicious delight loaded with some of the most essential nutrients required during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Importance of Sweet Avocados:


Why Doctors Recommend it:

A study published on AJCN observed direct influence of fat intake by pregnant mothers to baby’s birth weight


Serving Size:

approximately 1 avocado per day.


Above mentioned are some specific beneficial foods. Now lets talk about recommended fresh fruits and fresh vegetables preferred by experts.


A sweet fruit with energy boosting ability that can handle fatigue during pregnancy like a pro! 


This mystical fruit has been around for centuries and trusted for its benefits in many cultures. 

Importance of Dates:

Recommended by Doctors:

The natural sugar properties are quick energy boosters and can sustain for sometime, and can be help avoid pregnancy fatigue.


A study observed that pregnant mothers who regularly consumed dates on the last few weeks of their due date experienced reduces labor time and higher cervical dilation. Additionally requiring less amount of Pitocin (a medication used to help in inducing labor)


Serving Size:

2-5 tablespoons per day, roughly (5o-35 gm), especially during the last few weeks of pregnancy. 

Mentioned above are some of the best sources of essential nutrients, necessary for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. However, introduce these foods gradually, to understand your perfect sync. If required consult with a doctor for the right mix in your diet.

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