What Husband's Must Know After Their Wife has Went Through Pregnancy

Published : 22/05/2024

Last updated: 26/05/2024

Being a new mom is difficult, I’ve read and heard the stories from mothers who were there before me – the lack of sleep, emotional fatigue, the anxiety and all about the post-partum stuff. I thought I knew it all, but honestly I was less prepared, and my life was just like my post-preggo belly – with big stretch marks and no sense of shape or order!

I was kinda diving through a sea of diapers, while trying to keep an ‘Insta-perfect mom’ image in front of everyone, but my mental stress was reaching the likes of a pressure cooker – the lid was always ready to go off, and often, my partner was the victim!

I now realize that it would have been a much smoother ride, if I had just communicated and asked for help from him. So, I want to share my experience, on how the little things could have made big differences, to help you and your partner be ready when the time comes!

1. I am Sleep Deprived

Yes you’ll be deprived of sleep, since you have to keep an eye out for subtle cues of the newborn. Some of us learn to sleep with our eyes open and therefore feel extremely exhausted, which can be a bit risky for the baby, since passing out is a usual phenomenon.


I later felt, if I was more sincere with my partner and asked him to hold the baby while I took power naps, It would have been a much-needed support.

2. The Mental Load

The new mama brain is piled up with schedules for baby, work, house and what not. But our partners are not programmed to understand it!


So, father’s please show some love to us new mammas and help lighten the load.. pretty please?

3. Best-Fed Mantra

Feeding the tiny human is not as perfect and effortless as showcased by the perfect Instagram mom’s.


Feeding a baby in reality is much more challenging. A husbands support without judgement or comparisons can actually help (including comparing it to his mother’s feeding styles).


From what I’ve felt, every child’s need is different if conventional methods don’t work, ‘formulating a very own best-fed approach’ can be a like a great mantra at home. This is necessary for our husbands to understand, because the only important thing is making sure that the little one is well fed and properly nourished! 

4. I Always Need Help

There is so much to be done during the first few months of motherhood, after the newborn’s arrival. going from task to task, sometimes not even finishing any task properly.


My mind was so overworked and overloaded that I forgot asking for help. Therefore, to my dear husband, ‘ please offer help’ -even if I don’t ask for it, even if you’ve had a long day at work or maybe even if we just had a fight!

5. Balancing Motherhood and Partnerdom

It can be difficult trying to find a good balance between motherhood and partnerdom. Its not always the big date nights that keep the bonding alive, sometimes it’s the little moments between the father and the new member, sometimes its the parents creating the spark and making the family connect -GROUP HUG!

A Gentle Nudge from Mammas Journey

Super Mom stories are great for social media sharing, but learning to parent together is a blessing for the child. As this teamwork sets a an array examples for the child, for a lifetime, and brings out a positive atmosphere in the house.

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