Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Published : 22/05/2024

Last updated: 15/07/2024

One of the common changes that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy is the development of stretch marks. Although not harmful to the health of the mother and baby, stretch marks can cause itching, which is quite uncomfortable.


Additionally, many people believe that stretch marks contribute to a loss of beauty and lead to feelings of inferiority.

Causes of Stretch Marks

A mother gains weight during pregnancy. The amount of weight gain varies from woman to woman. When you gain more weight than usual, your body stretches faster. However, your skin may not stretch enough to keep pace with this expansion. As a result, the middle layer of the skin becomes overstretched and ruptures.

Additionally, hormonal changes during pregnancy can be another cause of stretch marks. These changes often weaken the collagen fibers in your skin. Collagen fibers are a component of the skin that maintains its elasticity, helping the skin to return to its original state after being stretched to a certain extent.

When the collagen fibers are weakened, this ability is reduced. Thus, when the body begins to expand during pregnancy, these fibers break easily, leading to the formation of stretch marks. However, there is still some disagreement among experts about this cause.

Moreover, stretch marks are more likely to appear in women who have a family history of stretch marks, who are pregnant with twins, or who have polyhydramnios during pregnancy. In cases of polyhydramnios, excess amniotic fluid accumulates around the baby in the womb.

Ways of Prevention

Stretch marks are not completely preventable. However, by following some simple guidelines, the chances of getting additional stretch marks during pregnancy can be reduced. For example:

• Maintaining the flexibility of the skin is crucial. The presence of collagen fibers must be ensured to maintain flexibility and strengthen the skin. To support this, you should eat more collagen-rich foods, such as meat, fish, green vegetables, mangoes, guavas, and oranges. Fruits rich in vitamin C play a role in the production of collagen in our body.


• Dry skin is more prone to cracking, so using regular moisturizers or lotions to retain the skin’s moisture is essential. Olive oil can be used instead of cream. Regularly massaging lotion or oil on the parts of the body where stretch marks are likely to occur can help.


• Drinking enough water is important for keeping the skin fresh. A healthy pregnant woman needs to drink an average of 2-3 liters of water per day, which is about 8-12 glasses of water. However, if your doctor has given any special advice regarding water intake, be sure to follow it.


• Regular exercise improves blood circulation, which ensures healthy skin. Therefore, make it a habit to exercise regularly during pregnancy.


• Another way to prevent stretch marks is to keep weight under control. However, you shouldn’t try to lose weight by eating less. Instead, follow a healthy diet. Consult a doctor or nutritionist if necessary.


There is no specific treatment for this problem. However, some strategies can help reduce the risk of getting stretch marks and minimize their appearance. The key is to start these measures before your belly expands and continue them throughout your pregnancy.


• You can keep the skin moist by using a good quality moisturizer to relieve itching and discomfort. Many creams and lotions on the market claim to cure stretch marks; however, no clinical evidence supports these claims.

• Scars can be lightened with laser therapy, but they usually do not completely disappear.

• The spots usually lighten on their own after childbirth but may never go away completely.

• If stretch marks do not lighten after having a baby, consult a dermatologist.

A Gentle Nudge from Mammas Journey

Hey mammas! Embrace your pregnancy journey and the changes your body goes through. It’s all part of the incredible process of bringing new life into the world. Whether you’re navigating pregnancy or enjoying those cuddles with your newborn, remember to cherish each moment. Stretch marks are a reminder of the beautiful journey you’ve embarked on, filled with love, growth, and the miracle of life.

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