Diaper Rash Remedies and Preventive Treatments

Published : 27/05/2024

Last updated: 27/05/2024

Causes of Diaper Rash

Diapers collect urine and poop in a bulky pad, that is held in place by elastic bands. Before diapers can be changed, the collected urine and poop sits on the skin, this can lead to an imbalance in pH of your baby’s skin and therefore cause diaper rash


Furthermore, babies have sensitive skin and new soaps and lotions can also be guilty of rashes on baby bottoms. The same is true for new foods, that can increase the frequency of poop leading to diaper rash. Another common cause of diaper rash is yeast infection that often starts due to use of antibiotics.


Diaper rash is usually skin turning to bright red color, that can start from buttocks and extend to thighs and genitals. Generally diaper rash can be treated successfully at home, if conditions worsen seek medical advice from doctor’s for corresponding treatment. 


However, taking preventive measures is actually a wise thing to do. So, lets talk about the preventive measures and some common remedies, that I applied and found useful:


Preventive Measures

1. Change Frequently

Change diapers frequently, to ensure that the skin is not in prolonged contact with a wet or soiled diaper.

2. Wash between diaper changes

Wash your baby’s bottom during diaper changes with warm water. Soaps are not preferred , if you still want to use soaps coose a mild, fragrance-free one.

3. Pat the skin dry

Gently pat the bottom dry instead of wiping it for more soothing way of doing it.

4. Fit diapers properly

Tight diapers and clothing prevents airflow that keeps the area moist, this increases the chances of diaper rash.

5. Go diaperless

Let your baby stay without diaper’s for an hour or two during the day. This allows the bottom skin to breath and stay dry for a while, therefore reducing the chances of diaper rash.


Tip: Usually a good time to do this is after your baby has done his/her business!

6, Use Ointments, cream or petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly and zinc oxide ointments create a barrier between skin and irritants, thus reducing the chances of diaper rash.

Common Remedies

1. Apply your breast milk

A study observed that applying human breast milk to diaper rash is a safe treatment and as effective as 1% hydrocortisone ointment (OTC medicine).

2. Other natural remedies

Aloe vera and coconut oil are some home remedies that can help with mild diaper rash.

3. OTC medications

The common diaper rash medication you might find at your drug store include Aquaphor, Burt’s bees, A+D, Balmex, Desitin, Triple Paste and Lotrimin(used for yeast infection).


These medications should be checked for baby formulation and doctors before applying to affected diaper rash areas.

On A Side Note

The Mayo Clinic advises you avoid products containing baking soda, boric acid, camphor, phenol, benzocaine, diphenhydramine, or salicylates, as these ingredients can be toxic for babies.

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