Fetus Growth & Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Second Trimester

Published : 07/05/2024

Last updated: 15/07/2024

The second trimester is from weeks 14-26 or months 4-6. During this time the little one starts moving and sense of hearing develops. Some organs are refining themselves and focusing on steady growth while others are still progressing rapidly.

This trimester welcomes new mothers with subtle reduction of pregnancy symptoms, and a feel better experience. However, some changes emerge for new mothers including glowing skin, larger breasts and a growing belly.

Here is a brief overview of the second trimester summing up your baby’s growth and new development for mothers. As always all notes and comparisons are kept simple for ease of understanding..

Pregnancy Week 14

The second trimester begins with the fetus looking more like a baby, it is still very small, about the size of a peach.


The nervous system is going through rapid growth with the brain forming neural connections constantly. Genitals are fully formed, but might still be too early to determine gender through ultrasound.


You’ll start showing a more prominent bump. Other symptoms might contain bleeding gums, round ligament pain, increased appetite. 


Additionally, if you have been waiting to announce your pregnancy this can be a good time!

Pregnancy Week 15

At 15 weeks old the ‘apple’ of your eye is still growing at a steady pace.

The lil one has started to learn how to flex their new muscles and doing hiccups. It is also a good time to find out the gender through ultrasound.

Some new mothers may start to observe new symptoms around this time onwards – nasal congestion, nose bleeds, acidity, swollen gums.

Pregnancy Week 16

The little one is about the size of an avocado on 16th week, with your uterus being the size of a grapefruit.


Almost all facial features are fully formed and nearing their final positions, with muscles getting stronger and bones hardening around this time.


Some new mothers may start to observe new symptoms around this time onwards – round ligament pain, breast changes, forgetfulness, pregnancy headaches.


Furthermore, with the development of the baby’s muscles and bones you might start feeling movements, sometimes referred to as ‘fluttering sensation’.

Pregnancy Week 17

With a pear shape and size the baby is making great progress.


Sweat glands are starting to develop. This is when you start to feel baby hiccups!


Some new mothers may start to observe new symptoms around this time onwards – dizziness, vision changes, itchy skin, stretch marks and constipation!

Pregnancy Week 18

At week 18, the fetus has grown and now its about the size of a pomegranate. Between this week to 22nd week, your doctor might suggest taking an ultrasound to check baby’s health.


Their skin is fully formed with unique fingerprints and toeprints becoming permanent.


You might start getting frequent backaches due to changes in posture and weight gain caused by your baby bump.

Pregnancy Week 19

The steady growing fetus is now about the size of a mango around this time.

The little one’s hearing is well-developed and can distinguish between different sounds including your voice. Very soon you might feel them responding to loud noises.

Some new mothers may start to observe new symptoms around this time onwards -dizziness, swelling of feet, shortness of breath, vaginal discharge, leg cramps.

Pregnancy Week 20

You have reached the halfway mark now! And your fetus is almost as long as a banana!

Your baby is starting to grow tiny little hair on their head and eyebrows. additionally the lil one will start developing sense of taste around this time.

You might start noticing thicker hair and longer nails -finally some pregnancy changes.

Also, you may notice your doctor measuring fundal height – starting from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus, this helps measure your baby’s growth.

Pregnancy Week 21

At 21 weeks the lil one is about the size of a carrot and making great progress.

Your baby can now swallow tiny amount of amniotic fluids, this helps in the development of digestive system additionally they can suck on their thumb as well.

You might start noticing varicose veins near the surface skin of your legs, 

Pregnancy Week 22

Your baby is has grown considerably right, and now its  almost about the size of a papaya.


Their lungs are developing rapidly.


You might start getting pregnancy acne and pelvic pain.

Pregnancy Week 23

The fetus is about the size of a large grapefruit around this time.

Baby’s brain and hearing has developed quite a bit by this time and can recognize your voice.

Pregnancy Week 24

The baby is as long as an ear of corn and development should be progressing slowly.


The lil one will start practicing breathing inhaling amniotic fluid instead of ear.


New symptoms might include rashes and melasma.

Pregnancy Week 25

Around the size of a medium eggplant, and the baby is still in pursuit of growth.


The baby starts to use his hands and sometimes catches the umbilical chord. Also they can stick their tongue out.


You might be getting less sleep, gas and bloating, pain in the pelvic region.

Pregnancy Week 26

Your baby is now the size of scallions and about to wrap up the second trimester.

Your baby will start to respond to sounds and music occasionally. Also they have started inhalation and exhalation of little amounts of amniotic fluids, for development of lungs.

You will start feeling lower-back pain and practice contractions or Braxton Hicks, stretch marks.

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