Published : 05/06/2024

Last updated: 05/06/2024

Helping the Baby take a Poop

As you become a parent you will discover that your baby’s healthy poop can serve as a sweet relief for a lot of worries. This is because when a baby doesn’t poop for a while they can be cranky or difficult to deal with -this ranges between infant pooping in diapers to older babies going through potty training.


Some common reasons for babies having irregularities in regards to pooping can be dehydration, starchy foods like bananas, a time shift due to travelling, or intolerance to specific food item or occasional allergies.


There are some home remedies to such irregularities, as suggested by experts. Do remember that these are meant to be used occasionally and it is recommended not to make any of these a regular habit, since babies can become too much dependent on them and would later face issues to poop naturally.


Here are some tricks that can make a newborn or older babies poop:

Bicycling their legs

Since infants are not moving much, a simple peddling exercise with their legs to and from their chest -much like riding a bicycle, can act as a gentle trigger to help stimulate their digestive system.


For older babies this usually is not necessary as their physical activities like crawling, climbing can help keep the digestive system stay on the move.

Warm bath

Warm water bath can relax muscles and help in pooping.

Rectal stimulation

This method should be used as one of the last resorts only, a gentle rectal stimulation by insertion of a rectal thermometer or a gas -relieving product. Doing this frequently can make the baby become reliant on this process.


Dehydration is a great influencer of constipation, if the baby has started taking solid foods things can get ‘stuck; down there. A few ounces of water or perhaps pear juice can help ease things up.

Glycerin suppositories

This is another last resort trick, and works like a charm. But it must be consulted with a doctor before using this stimulation process, especially if the baby is less than one year old.

The four P’s

The four fruits prunes, plums, peaches and pears are a great way to help a baby poop. If the little one has just started with solid foods you can try adding a couple of serving into your child’s daily diet plan to help things keep moving down there.


Vegetables are full of high-fiber contents and are like miracle workers when it comes to constipation relief.

Whole grains

Include whole grain products in baby’s meals -brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and multigrain cereals or bread are great poop softeners.

A Gentle Nudge from Mammas Journey

When babies are learning to deal with bowel movements, they tend to make grunting noises or groans -due to developing abdominal muscles. Therefore pooping for little ones require more energy and effort to engage the diaphragm, hence the sound effects, lol! This is completely natural and is not usually a reason for concern.

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