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A Pregnancy Test

Published : 19/03/2024

Last updated: 14/07/2024

What causes the double lines in the test kits?

Back in the old days we could take pregnancy tests only when we missed our periods and then wait a few hours before we could know the results. Times have changed, and test results are much faster and more accurate with home pregnancy test kits.


Pregnancy tests measure urine levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a placenta-produced hormone during pregnancy. HCG is found in urine and bloodstream as soon as an embryo implants in the uterus. Once concentration of HCG is high enough, double lines are shown in the test results.

When to take a pregnancy test?

If you are wondering how to detect pregnancy, the best time to take a pregnancy test is 19 days after fertilization has occurred, by this time HCG reaches a detectable level in the urine.


The embryo implants in the uterus almost after 12 days into fertilization, and a week after that (19 days) a positive result can be seen indicated at home pregnancy test kits,


However, home pregnancy tests are getting more accurate in recent times, some even claiming to show correct results five or six days before next period. Still the test kit will not pick the low amount of HCG, If the test is taken 7 days after ovulation, therefore a “false negative” can be seen even if fertilization has occurred.


Therefore it is best to wait until at least the expected date of next period. Additionally waiting a couple of days after the expected date of period can produce even more accurate results.

Taking a pregnancy test

It is generally one of the simplest test, although some brands claim to be 99 percent accurate, expert opinions suggest that it is closer to 75 percent.


Details of it is usually mentioned in the packing of pregnancy test kit, be sure to follow them meticulously – its either holding the stick in the urine stream for a few seconds or collecting the urine in a cup and dipping the stick in it.


Here is how we can improve accuracy:


  • Take the test using the first pee when you wake up in the morning, as more HCG is present there.
  • Avoid drinking too much liquid before taking the test, since liquid consumption can dilute the urine and affect results.

Do medications affect pregnancy test results?

Home pregnancy tests are usually not affected by most medications, however fertility drugs containing the hormone HCG are exceptions. Consult a doctor or check the packaging of test kits, if you are not sure.

False Positives and False Negatives

Both false positive and false negatives are possible. However, false negatives are much more common than false positive. Therefore, a positive result almost always means a big yes for pregnancy.


False negative results can occur when pregnancy tests are taken too early or not correctly.


False positive is a possibility on an early pregnancy test. I happens when an egg was fertilized but somehow never implanted. These are early miscarriages and are fairly common, summing up for around 3 in 4 of all pregnancy losses. However, these happen at such early stages that a majority of women don’t notice them.


It’s completely natural to feel confused or upset by false positive or negatives, In such cases it is recommended to check with you doctor to get a definitive answer.

A gentle nudge from Mammas Journey

If you’re seeing positive pregnancy test results over home pregnancy kits it is best to check with your doctor and get it confirmed by a blood test. A blood test will measure and detect HCG with 100 percent accuracy. 

Additionally, you can also get a full prenatal checkup, once the doctor confirms upon positive pregnancy.

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